Due Diligence and Related Matters

Our services associated with the purchase and sales process go far beyond conveyancing, and extend into the associated disciplines of due diligence, broker relations, environmental, and land use. We offer an array of site due diligence services and, through our contacts with the real estate and title community, can assist clients in coordinating the services of related professionals such as surveyors, environmental engineers, corporate services, private investigators, UCC searchers and title examiners.

We regularly interview town officials in local towns and communities, review local land use records and prepare site due diligence materials for our clients including review and commentary on our collected information as well as that of the associated real estate professionals.

Our familiarity with related disciplines such as environmental and land use laws and issues permit us to help our clients navigate through the maze of important planning opportunities. We work with most of the national and many local title companies in connection with the analysis of title matters and issuance of title policies with specialized endorsements.